Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ibu, tidur Ibu

Both Esya and Yana sleep in my room due to the robbery episode a year ago, which has deterred us from putting them back into their own room. Security purposes. Of late, getting ready for work has to be done very discreetly and in almost total silence, so Yana is not disturbed from her sleep. Regardless how it is done, she would still wake up and ask, Ibu pergi mana? Work, I said. Her immediate response would be - Nak ikut, I want it! I want it ....and later comes the whining and loud cry waking up the whole neighbourhood.

Usually, seeing me in my work attire, she will ask me to go back to sleep, to secure her thoughts of later being left at home. Ibu, tidur Ibu - she says. I ignore and refuse. Ibu, tidur Ibu, again she would insist. And of course, being a mom, providing comfort and security is what I do best for my children, and off I will lie down beside her in my work attire, just for awhile till she falls asleep again.

Last Thursday, history repeated. I had to be next to her pretending to be sleeping. So, after a few minutes.....I woke up, noticing that it was already 7.20am. I'd dozed off for 30mins!!! Of course, late for work! Oh man...What do I do? Yana certainly has her ways of getting her mom to stay home for the day - I called office, please inform the boss I'm on leave today - MC!!!!! Hahahaha....And both Ibu and Yana were soundly asleep again.....ZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photographer in the making

Aleesya since her early days has always shown great interest in cameras. Mine, a very basic digital camera, is her favourite toy, lucky me it's nothing pricey of that sort. Sigh...very unfortunate that I've never thought of compiling her artwork back then. Will start doing that now at every opportunity given.

Some of her recent photo snaps, very amateur, of course, yet a budding talent! Comments?

Ibu at midnight

Ayah's car - Honda Integra

Alyana with her Sponge Bob baloon

Aleesya's and Alyana's body foam

Alyana & her small brown bear

Alyana's mouth, tongue and teeth

Alyana's Kung-fu kick...padan muka!

Friday, July 11, 2008

To share or not to share?

I shall open a stationery shop after this. Imagine providing a pencil and an eraser every single day for Aleesya for school use and she keeps losing it every time! Leaving me with no choice, I just have to shut tight both eyes and keep buying more for her. And again, she keeps losing them....Back to square one. Ohhhhh my Godddddd!!!!!!

Whenever asked, "I'm is sharing with my friends, Ibu". Yeap, a value which I'm trying to inculcate in her, but dear sayang, it's sharing not donating! Before, I always purchased cheap ones knowing that it'll always find a new home at the end of the day. Of course cheap ones come with low quality. So, i bought a rather good and pricey colour pencils, kept it at home, for her homework. Only yesterday i told her that she could bring that particular set to school as she has lost hers, the one for school use. Yes, intoxicated she was. A mom is always a mom, of course I would never leave her with the hassle of having to borrow other people's sets. I surely knew better of the consequences....and home she came today, I was already shouting and screaming, pissed off to have found out that she lost the whole set, again!!!!!! Sharing she said.......

Oh God.....HELP !!!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The insect that opened the door

This morning as I was very handful and busy preparing french toast for breakfast, came a loud scream from the living room, and it was non other than Aleesya screaming her heart out. Then Alyana followed suit. Leaving everything I had in hands, I rushed to check what the commotion was all about. "What's wrong, Kakak?" asked me. "Ada ulat (a crawling insect that I can't identify) kat sana" said she. I misheard ulat for ular (snake) and I panicked too, screamed for Ayah to come for the rescue, yet the ular was never in sight. While waiting for Ayah to run down from upstairs, Alyana screamed once again. There came out the ulat crawling across the living room. It was just a small crawling thing, looked more like a centipede but luckily it was not, even luckier it wasn't a snake either.

Phew....great relief! And I asked Aleesya how did it get in since the door was shut closed, putting her critical and creative thinking skills at test. She confidently answered me, "I think it took the keys, unlocked and opened the door!!!". Boy, that was critical and creative enough!!! Clever, girl......

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Alyana has this rather weird fondness for TESCO, I just couldn't make up why. Yes, we go there as frequent as thrice a week to do our grocery shopping and sorts. The thing is when asked where she had a dress from, TESCO. Where is Ayah? TESCO. Where is Atok? Atok work TESCO. Where to dine in? TESCO. Where are we going Yana? TESCO. Where are u from Yana? TESCO.

Maybe TESCO ought to give us some special promotional discount every time we go and shop there. My daughter is definitely doing good for the reputation of the premise. How's that? Hehehe...at least free supply of milk for the next 5 years maybe? And when the 5 years expires, I'll make sure to train my next baby (3rd one) to execute the exact similar marketing strategy.

Long live TESCO!!!!